Main-line publishing companies are looking for "brand name" authors and guaranteed products to insure a profit. So where does that leave new authors? Nowhere. Big Mac Publishers was founded to help bridge the gap for those authors. Self-Publishing / Vanity Publishing is popular but tricky and highly unproductive for most writers. With us an author can be viewed as "a published author" --  not strictly self-published, and with the potential for real success if they are committed to hard work.


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January 2009: Big Mac Publishers opens in Riverside, California!

Greg Bilbo, the owner comes from a family of authors and entrepreneurs. After several years of pressure by friends, family and frustrated authors that wanted a reasonable avenue to get their books into print, he has founded his own publishing company with a desire to help other authors like himself to compete within this well-oiled industry.

December 2009:  Big Mac Publishers Moves to Ontario, California!

Progress often means change and that is just what we are doing. And we are also planning to upgrade our software and benefits to our authors.

August 2010: Big Mac Publishers Moves to Sylacauga, Alabama!

We are now located on beautiful Lay Lake, site of the Bass Master's Classic. And we are assisting authors with eBooks and have signed up with a new printer to offer less expensive print costs for smaller quantity orders. We are in the process of working out an agreement with a Christian printer to put "shopping carts" on author websites so they can automatically sell their books and the books will be shipped directly from the printer, without any author involvement, except collecting the royalty! How cool will that be? Of course signed copies will need to be sold and sent by the author.

We have just signed up with Google books to partner with them to promote our books as well. And they will link directly to author websites, so if you are a BMP (Big Mac Publishers) author, better get a good site soon!

The owner of BMP has met with an industry leader who is designing a program for authors to sell books via the Facebook Store. Hang on!

January 2012: Big Mac Publishers Moves to Kingston, Tennessee!

We are now located on gorgeous Watts Bar Lake and are only 2 hours away from our primary printer. We have published new books, partnered with 2 more additional printers for flexibility and even greater distribution and better prices. We are forging ahead with our eBooks and seeing a lot of success as the world moves toward the digital revolution.

Stand by!


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