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Main-line publishing companies are looking for "brand name" authors and guaranteed products to insure a profit. So where does that leave new authors? Nowhere. Big Mac Publishers was founded to help bridge the gap for those authors. Self-Publishing / Vanity Publishing is popular but tricky and highly unproductive for most writers. With us an author can be viewed as "a published author" --  not strictly self-published, and with the potential for real success if they are committed to hard work.


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We help authors avoid the pitfalls many make and at a price that will allow them to create the book they deserve to publish. We provide writers the real goods, not fluff , but solid information on how to economically market and sell their book. We offer free advice on what makes a book tick. With our model there is no need to inventory or warehouse to market and sell books. We provide all that; the book will be listed worldwide and available on all the major online vendors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, et al, and can be easily ordered from all brick-and-mortar locations that don't carry it. Just have the vendor contact us directly for great prices.

Our latest books are shown below and here is how to order!! For Retailers and/or Non-Profits that want to order directly from us, just send an email to or call 919-263-6400 and leave a message. We beat Ingram and other wholesalers hands down. We offer a minimum of 55% off retail and low shipping prices on all orders of a single title of 10 or more books, with even greater discounts for higher volume orders. Upon approval of financing, books will be shipped and received by buyer within 7-10 business days, or sooner. Normally payment is due within 15 days unless prior approval received. Checks, Money Orders or PayPal only currently. This applies to Continental US orders. We also ship overseas and to Alaska, Hawaii and Europe as well with excellent rates. Email for a quote on those or for smaller order amounts, (less than 10). Anyone may order on Amazon as well. And if you like our books, please leave a review on Amazon and/or email with comments. Once you email, we may, on an individual basis provide a private number to give you instant access.

“The Abundant Life” by Greg E. Viehman, M.D.

Full Color! Signed copies may be purchased at the author’s website:

  Amazon: 18.99

This book is in rich full interior color. It has taken several years for the author to research and write because he wanted to clarify exactly how an “abundant life” can truly be obtained by Christians. This topic has been discussed by many however Dr. Viehman comes at it from a different viewpoint, yet with sound biblical principles. His study includes a compelling in-depth review of exactly what it means to “be saved,” and to fully understand what Christ’s sacrifice means to us. Dr. Viehman defines the basis of motivation for Christians to respond in a way that is life changing. It is also available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

"The God Diagnosis" by Greg E. Viehman, M.D.
Signed copies may be purchased at the author's website:

  Amazon 12.99 / Retail 12.99

“The God Diagnosis” is the unique journey of a successful surgeon who finds the fulfillment of all his life dreams empty, lonely, and depressing. Embarking on a quest for truth and the answers to life’s basic questions, Dr. Viehman finds himself at the epicenter of the most mind blowing diagnosis of his life. In a riveting journey through investigation, testing, and personal struggles Dr. Viehman recounts his journey from death to life in a way that will resonate with anyone seeking the facts and examining the evidence for themselves. Dr. Viehman uses his medical mind to come at these issues in a profound way that is striking, refreshing and fascinating. He is vulnerable, transparent and has the utmost integrity as he sorts out fact from fantasy. This new author is exciting, enjoyable to read and intriguing in his unique approach to this topic. I believe we will hear much more from him and it will shake up many long held beliefs about Christ, Christians and the Church. Paperback, 250 pages, Oct 2010--also available in eBook from various online vendors.

"Probabilities Nature and Nature's Probability -- Lite" by Don Johnson

Amazon 12.50 / Retail 12.50

This is the sequel to the well received "Probability's Nature And Nature's Probability which was written in depth for Scientist and Professionals. This new book has the same wonderful foundation, but has been revised and put into layman's terms so non-scientists can understand it. The author once believed anyone not accepting the "proven" evolutionary scenario that was ingrained during his science education was of the same mentality as someone believing in a flat earth. With continued scientific investigation, paying closer attention to actual data (rather than speculative conclusions) he began to doubt the natural explanations that had been so ingrained in a number of key areas including the origin and fine-tuning of mass and energy, the origin of life with its complex information content, and the increase in complexity in living organisms. Published in Oct, 2009 Paperback 136 pages.

"Programming of Life" by Don Johnson
To order signed copies visit ScienceIntegrity.Net

  Amazon 12.45 Retail: 12.45

***"This is currently the best book covering the relationship between genome and computer architectures." - JONATHAN BARTLETT, Author / Publisher / Speaker / Director of Technology
***"Programming of Life is an excellent freshman level review of the formal programming, coding/decoding, integration, organization, Prescriptive Information (PI), memory, regulation and control required for a physical object to find itself 'alive.' DONALD E. JOHNSON is uniquely qualified to unpackage the strong parallels between everyday cybernetic design and engineering and the workings of the cell. I highly recommend this book." -DAVID L. ABEL, Director, The Gene Emergence Project Department of ProtoBioCybernetics and ProtoBioSemiotics The Origin of Life Science Foundation, Inc. Paperback, 136 pages, Oct. 2010

"Miracles In The Wilderness" by Tom D. Lynch (First Edition)

Amazon 11.95 / Retail 11.95

This is one crazy collection of outdoor Alaskan and Canadian adventure stories. How can one man, have so many harrowing near death experiences, and live to tell about them? High-speed auto crashes, snowmobile accidents, Grizzly encounters, moose attacks, sea mishaps, wilderness storms and confrontations with wolves are just the tip of the iceberg. Was he just lucky, or was someone trying to get his attention? Told in a very enjoyable homespun style. Join this new and exciting Author, Tom Lynch, in his search for truth. Published 6/1/2009, page count 224, paperback (5.5x8.5) with lots of great family pictures of Alaska.

"Wild Men, Wild Alaska II" by Rocky McElveen

For a signed copy go to:  Rocky's website,

Amazon 12.54 / Retail 14.99

This new book is sure to be a best seller. It is written by best-selling author Rocky McElveen and follows as the sequel to his first outstanding book, "Wild Men, Wild Alaska," which many claimed was the best book they ever read. This sequel is aptly named, "Wild Men, Wild Alaska II," and the crazy stories, humor and tales of men and women coming of age in the great wilderness of Alaska is fascinating and exciting. Plus it has some funny stuff in it. It is equally as well written as the first, maybe even better! 234 Pages, Paperback, First Edition, Loaded with pictures and fabulous tales. --also available in eBook from various online vendors.

The next 4 books are from Missionary/Pastor/Evangelist/Author Floyd C. McElveen.

"Islam Exposed" by Floyd C. McElveen

Amazon 4.08 / Retail 4.19

This is an incredibly compact, informative book about the fundamentals of the Islamic faith, the truth about Islam and its deadly mission worldwide, with alarming eye-popping revelations concerning the real Muslim agenda and the imminent threat to America with documented evidence of ongoing "Jihad" killings around the Globe. Powerful.

"The Late Great American Church" by Floyd C. McElveen

Click for a larger image! Amazon 5.95 / Retail 5.95

This is a book written with passion by a longtime missionary, evangelist and author who fervently hopes to wake up the American Church. America is losing thousands of Churches each year. "Christians" are not leading others to Christ. We are being lulled to sleep while our nation and the world perishes. All roads do not lead to salvation or God. Our nation is in disarray, our youth are leaderless and foundering and we as a Church are failing them. Where has the Great American Church gone? How can we empower it again. How can we become passionate about winning souls for Christ. This shocking book deals with controversial issues and devastating statistics. Written by a man who has done his research and studied his bible. Read and then share with your leaders.

"So Send I You" by Floyd C. McElveen

  Amazon   5.95 / Retail 5.95

This is a complete handbook for soul winning. It will motivate you to share the wonderful gospel of Jesus. The author gives examples and illustrations, as well as provides a step by step method to easily present Christ to others. Previously published as "Unashamed," but the title did not convey the full purpose of the book so it has been very lightly revised and re-published under a new name. Author McElveen lives what he writes about and preaches and his ideas work. He has won thousands of souls to the Lord. He gives you deep insight into his methods and passion for Christ. If you want to be a consistent soul winner as Christ asks all of us to be, and in all kinds of situations, this book is a must read. It is also a great handbook for soul winning classes.

"Faith Of An Atheist" by Floyd C. McElveen

Click for a larger image. Amazon 5.95 / Retail 5.95

Author Floyd C. McElveen heard men crying out for God when a Kamikaze suicide plane hit his ship in WWII. Several different "Religions" tried to convince him that they had the answers. Vocal Atheists claimed Evolution was a "fact" and that God did not exist at all. This created an intense desire in McElveen to find out the truth. With his brilliant mind and deductive reasoning, McElveen began a sincere journey to discover who was right. “Faith of an Atheist” is a powerhouse book with scientific and logical explanations providing a sound foundation for its conclusions. McElveen’s skill at communicating resonates with truth that is revealing and soul-searching. With over 1 million books in print, he is clearly a diligent researcher and well-respected author.

This is a complete handbook for soul winning. It will motivate you to share the wonderful gospel of Jesus. The author gives examples and illustrations, as well as provides a step by step method to easily present Christ to others. Previously published as "Unashamed," but the title did not convey the full purpose of the book so it has been very lightly revised and re-published under a new name. Author McElveen lives what he writes about and preaches and his ideas work. He has won thousands of souls to the Lord. He gives you deep insight into his methods and passion for Christ. If you want to be a consistent soul winner as Christ asks all of us to be, and in all kinds of situations, this book is a must read. It is also a great handbook for soul winning classes.

"Beyond Addictions" by Jeff Rudd

  Amazon 10.95/ Retail 13.99

"Beyond Addictions" is a Biblically-based, Christ-centered book that has been used in prison to successfully set men free from addictions. It is now available to everyone who wants to move beyond their addictions to experience new life in Christ.***** "Beyond Addictions" begins with a Biblical description of the problem, and directs you to the solution that is found in a practical, daily relationship with Jesus Christ. The book relies heavily upon the application of scripture; more than 200 passages are employed throughout to show you how God can set you free, and keep you free, from all addiction. Assignments are also included to enable you to apply the lessons learned in each chapter.

"Fair Chase and Other Tales" by Larry and Betty Roper

Amazon 15.99 / Retail 15.99

Fair Chase and Other Tales is a very unique book in the wonderful field of families and adventure stories. Many books are about grizzly attacks and the like, but this book is amazing in its variety. Crazy bear stories, yes, but also tales about muskrats, weasels, doll sheep, Native's sacred hunting grounds, bucks in a death struggle with each other, lost wife in the wilderness, kids coming of age and all-in-all a terrific assortment about a family finding its way and each other in the wild. It has opened to some rave reviews by old and young alike. One review begins, "I couldn't put the book down, Josh couldn't either" The same will be true of you. The homespun style is compelling and honest.

"Trophy White" Tales by Jerry Lambert

Amazon 14.10 / Retail 14.25

"Jerry Lambert joins the circle of effective storytellers who keep the pages turning in the hands of the reader. He is a good hunter and a good writer. I personally enjoyed every tale - whether a tall one or not. I highly recommend this book!" Dr. Jimmy Sites, Producer/Host: Spiritual Outdoor Adventures TV
"What a wonderful book! Anybody who appreciates the sights, sounds and smells of God's creation will enjoy this book." Greg Abbas, Host of A-Way Outdoors Television
"Trophy White Tales
is a great book, from a great writer." Jeff Davis, editor of Whitetails Unlimited
"He's (author) an excellent story-teller - in the same tree-stand as the likes of Garrison Keillor, Paul Harvey and Ernie Harwell - and you find yourself melting into the scenes he describes." Will Kowalski, Battle Creek Enquirer
This is a volume that not only belongs on your outdoors book-shelf to read and reread in and out of deer season, but a second copy also should be kept at deer camp. It will certainly be in demand. Betty Sodders, outdoor writer.

"Walter's Not So Peaceful, Definitely Not Relaxing, But Oh So Awfully Courageous Adventure" by Nancy Early

Amazon 14.95 / 14.95

This book is Full Color! Black and White interior version also available. Walter and Squirt have adventure after adventure. This book is just right for bedtime or anytime. And wait until you meet Mr. Bob! Your kids will love "Walter's Not So Peaceful, Definitely Not Relaxing But Oh So Awfully Courageous Adventure" Clyde Eggerton, Author "The Night Train" and "The Bible Salesman." Nancy Early has written a wonderful warmhearted book that has all the elements that children love: an exciting adventure in the woods that includes making new friends, having lots of fun and helping each other when things get a little scary! I can't wait to share her incredible story with my nieces and nephews. Michelle Boyajian, Author "Lies of the Heart" How come the books I read as a child didn't have such beautiful color illustrations and cute animal drawings? And a terrific story to boot. It is sure to enthrall and be enjoyed by all and especially kids. Walter the Raccoon has no tail, no friends and really wants someone to pal with. Ah ha! Will Squirt the Possum be the one? He is so adorable. Read and find out what happens. This book is in hardback, paperback and eBook and all versions are in full color inside and out. And don't forget to check back for more of Nancy's stories. "The Adventures of the Two Petunias" is sure to be just as delightful.

"Programming of Life Prerequisites" by Donald E. Johnson

Amazon 6.45 / 6.45

The original "Programming of Life" book highlighted the informational aspects of life that are usually overlooked or ignored in chemical and biological evolutionary scenarios. Each cell of an organism has thousands (or millions) of interacting computers reading and processing digital information using algorithmic digital programs and digital codes to communicate information. Life is an intersection of physical science and information science, and the reality of real computer hardware and software in life was clearly demonstrated. This "Prerequisites" book considers the properties of nature’s constants and natural laws that are required for such informational structures to be incorporated in even the simplest life. Analysis of the probabilities of life’s required component’s properties occurring anywhere in the Universe shows infeasibility by "natural processes." ** Science is in need of answers, not unsubstantiated speculations.



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